​​Our primary goal is to network the animals at Sumter County Animal Services in Central Florida to save their lives. We also advocate for necessary change for the animals there as well. 

We do transport to several other Rescues, to focus on saving as many lives as possible at Sumter County Animal Services. We would love to include you as a volunteer for transporting if you are interested. Just contact us and let us know!

We do have a few animals we have rescued and are available for adoption. We only take animals from Sumter County Animal Services. They are all spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, crate and house trained as well as Heartworm tested. 

If you would like to foster for us please let us know. The more fosters, the more lives we can save. A foster is the lifeline for these animals and with out fosters we cannot save them. 

We hope to hear from you and will gladly answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us. You can email to: sumtercountyfloridaanimaladvocates@outlook.com

We believe in spay/neuter for animals within Sumter County and beyond. This will ultimately help to lower euthanasia rates at Sumter County Animal Services.

Education is the key to get information to the residents of Sumter County about the benefits of spay/neuter for their animals. We try to do that every chance we get.

Spaying and neutering reduces or eliminates:

Your companion will live a longer, healthier life and you will experience fewer headaches if you get him or her spayed or neutered.

The odds of breast cancer and dangerous uterine infections in females and prostate problems and testicular cancer in males.

Frustration in resisting the natural urge to mate. Your companion will be less distracted, more easily trained, and a more contented member of your family.

The animal's need to roam in search of a mate, decreasing the chances that your pet will become lost, get into fights with other animals or be hit by a car.

Messy heat cycles in females and attracting unwanted males.

The tendency to bite. However, your pet will still be protective of his home and family even after being altered. Aggression is different from protectiveness.

Spraying, wailing, marking territory, or making inappropriate sexual approaches toward people or objects.

The extra expense for food or veterinary care in the event of an unexpected litter of puppies or kittens.

In addition, many communities offer lower licensing fees and other benefits for spayed or neutered companion animals.

Benefits for your community

Spaying and neutering helps reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals in a community.

Stray animals get into garbage cans, scare people, cause car accidents, and damage property.

Irresponsible or accidental breeding contributes to dog attacks and bites.

Some stray animals kill or injure wildlife.

Communities spend millions of tax dollars every year to provide care for unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals.

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Sumter County Florida Animal Advocates ABOUT us for SPAY/NEUTER IN OUR COMMUNITY


Duke– Meet the most loveable pup around town! We fell in love with him the very moment we laid eyes on him and you will too! Feel free to contact us for more information.  

Jake – If you love long walks by the beach at sunset, then Jake's your kind of dog. Your companion and friend, Jake has a huge heart and it's filled with love for you!

Annabel– This girl is a complete lovebug.She loves to play and is all cuddles in the evening. She is a great pet for all types of homes and she plays well with others!